Monday, June 15, 2009

The Jeep trail to my cabin is passable now and I've moved several loads of supplies up to the cabin. Namely, I moved the rest of the Douglas Fir goat flooring, my timber-framed/keyed staircase, and a large pile of lumber to finish the external nonstructural frame.

In reality, I probably only have 2-3 more trips via the Jeep, and this thing will be finished.

Here is a picture of me installing the Douglas Fir flooring above the subfloor. I'm "blind-screwing" it just above the tongues. The flooring is crude and rustic, but it looks pretty good. Its not as tight as store-bought finish flooring would be, but I like the effect.

Unline the loft flooring, I think I will have to sand and fill in a few large gaps in the main-floor flooring.

You can see the custom-made stairs in the background. They look great and they work great! They look like they really belong in this timber frame cabin.

Which, of course, they always did.