Sunday, July 12, 2009

The interior is mostly done, with the exception of the windows, window sills, and trim.

I got the remainder of the flooring installed, I got the ladder/stairs installed, and I got the loft railing secured and installed. This cabin is usable, although working doors and windows would be nice at this point.

The loft railing and the stairs were pre-fabricated in my workshop, but with only a little bit of planing, everything fit like a glove.

I used beautiful black oxide square head lag bolts to secure the loft railing and stairs. Worked like a charm!

Here is the backside of the loft railing. I still need to trim the pegs...

I even moved a little furniture into the cabin... Here is a bench/chest in the loft:

The flooring turned out well. I still need to do a final sanding before I oil it. This goat barn flooring is a bit rough. There were some 1/8" gaps in places and some height differences between boards. Sanding should help that somewhat. Overall, I am very happy with this flooring.

Here, the bottom of the stairs terminate on a piece of flooring. However, I've replaced that piece of flooring with two custom pieces of cherry that I harvested and milled from Moscow.

Things are going well. I'm working on the exterior frame now so that I can finally add windows, insulation, and hang the door. More on that soon...


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At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity where in north Idaho is that? I'm just wondering because that's where I live and that area looks vaguely familiar.


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