Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I've made more progress on the siding and windows! The North wall has been completely framed, insulated, and tyvek'd and about 1/2 sided. There is one window on the North wall with a great view of Moscow Mountain.

Here is the Northwest corner detail of the cabin:

Here is the window on the North wall. Since this is an old-fashioned picture window which I salvaged and restored, it seemed that the best way to make it work was to build a proper window sill. You can see that here in this picture:

The wood stove is installed and is completely functional! Here is a picture of the chimney coming out of the West wall and then going up past the end of the gable. It extends exactly 3' above the peak of the roof.

I had to build a piece of exterior framing to help support the chimney, since the chimney extends more than 1' past the exterior of the cabin in order to miss the gable-end overhang. I intend to sheath that piece of exterior framing in wood, probably cedar.

Today was the last day that I will be able to bring heavy materials up to the cabin job site until June 2010. It rained all night, and the Jeep trail was too muddy to make it up the hill without winching. It took an enormous amount of time and patience to get this final load of board-and-batten siding up to the cabin. I did it inch by inch by pulling my Jeep and trailer up the hill using my winch. It is hard to see from this picture how ridiculously steep this trail actually is.

When the weather improves, its more framing, insulating, and siding. I'll just have to hike up to the hill now to continue the work.


At 6:15 AM, Blogger rembret said...

It's looking great! Sorry to hear about the difficult access for the winter. It's hard to relate here in central Texas where it will hit 91 degrees today (yuck).

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