Saturday, November 01, 2008

Finally, I've got some recent pictures!

I oiled the loft flooring with LandArk oil, and I really like the final result. This old Douglas Fir floor is really reddish in color, and contrasts nicely with the timbers and pine walls.

The terminal edge piece of the loft flooring is actually a store-bought 2x8, planed and sanded to fit. It is thicker on one end to compensate for some warping in the bent 2 tie beam. It is attached to the tie beam via countersunk lag bolts with 3/4" white oak plugs.

Below, you can see the entire loft, with the cabin door and cedar log bed below it. What a celebration of wood!!

The following picture shows underneath the loft. You can see the tongue-and-groove Western Red Cedar above the Ponderosa Pine joists. The oiled Douglas Fir is immediately above the cedar ceiling.

Below is a shot of the cedar bed and fir/larch door. Both need to be put together and installed fully. The cedar bed will go up on the loft as soon as I wax and buff the loft floor.

Peter gave me a small J0tul wood stove. I've got the stove up at the cabin, but its not hooked up to a stovepipe, etc. If I can get stovepipes up there, I might try to hook it up so that the cabin would be a reasonable destination this winter.

In my shop, I'm working on prepping the fir flooring for the main cabin floor. Its time consuming. I'm cutting every piece to a length that is a multiple of 16" to span the floor joists properly. I'm running each piece through the thickness planer a few times, cleaning compacted straw and dung out of the tongues and grooves and then sanding every piece with a belt sander. The result is good, but its a lot of work to salvage this old goat barn floor!