Monday, August 17, 2009

I've made some more progress on the exterior, non-structural stud frame. I've been focusing on the Northwest wall, since it gets the brunt of the weather: I want to make sure that gets done and sided before winter sets in. This side is the tallest and most awkward to work, so it will be great to get this wall done.

I've got a skirt framed around the whole cabin on all four sides. The top of this skirt roughly corresponds to the top of the timber-framed girts which ring the whole cabin.

The door is framed in and hung:

I finally got two rough openings for two windows framed in. I've opened up one of the rough openings:

Its great to *FINALLY* have real light and fresh air coming into the cabin.

A view of the window opening from the atop the loft:

You can see Moscow Mountain in the distance through this window:

The natural light in the cabin is a welcome change. It really cheers up the place!

I probably have 4-5 full days of stick framing left to go. And then its on to insulating and siding.


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