Saturday, February 02, 2008

Snow, snow, snow!!!

This area of the world, known as the "Palouse", has so far received the most snowfall in a decade, and the snow is not done falling yet. The governer declared a state of emergency for our county, and the kids had 4 snow days last week. Its snowing now as I type this.

Here are the kids in the backyard, playing in a quinzhee. You can see the stick-framed playhouse I built for them in the background, and the crazy snow load on the playhouse roof. :-)

I decided to snow shoe up to the cabin site to document how well the cabin and the site is dealing with heavy snow. I'd say that there is an average of 5' of snow everywhere, with drifts getting as high as 8-9 feet in some places. It was an arduous trek, because the top 2-3 feet of snow was pure powder, and my snow shoes sank at least 12" with every step. This same hike was much easier last week.

Here is the trail up to the cabin:

Here is the snowy southern view from near the cabin site, which sets atop a hill.

As always, I was glad to see that that cabin is still there:

This is the most significant snow load that I've seen on the cabin roof yet. Its about 10-12 inches, which actually not too bad at all. Considering that at least 2-3 feet of new snow fell recently up there, and the ground has about 5 feet of snow (up to 8-9 in some drifts).

It was impossible to open the temporary door to the cabin without a snow shovel, since the snow drift and berm (to the left in the picture below) blocked access to the door. Surprisingly, the larger drifts are on the South and East sides of the cabin. Since the wind blows predominately from the west, I figured that the western and northern sides would get bigger drifts.

These big drifts make me realize how important a porch is going to be.

I can't wait to get the Tyvek off of this thing and install windows, insulation, siding and a wood stove. It would be a *great* snowy hideout for the whole family this time of year.

Progress on the cabin is slow. Obviously, just getting to it is hard and there is no way to bring up materials. This snow won't melt entirely until April or May, and I won't be able to drive on the land until close to June.

Time to finish the door and windows in my shop and maybe make a little furniture while I wait for the spring thaw...



At 1:15 PM, Blogger Kent said...

I love your site and look forward to your updates. I would like to do an article on your timber frame cabin building on my tiny house blog go to this link:

I would like to get your permission to use a couple of your pictures, maybe a movie and either write a short article myself or have you do it. I don't have your name so if you could email me that info with your reply I would appreciate it. Thank you!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger robyn said...

I left a comment last night, but I just had a chance to show my husband your blog. We had time to look at more of it than I did last night and were struck at the similarity in how you and he have gone about your projects. Y'all were felling trees about the same time, and so much of your posts reminded us of those days of always being on the lookout for wood for beams. He has finished our timber frame barn, but now we're in the planning phase for the house. If you want to write us, our email is We'd love to find out more about your project!


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