Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have finally finished making all of the pine ship-lap planks for the interior wall. My new router can rest now. :-)

I also finished two more loft floor joists and placed them between the tie beams. One of joists had twisted enough that I need to do some work on-site to get it to fit. Man, they sure do look nice, though!

Here are some higher-quality pictures of some of the joinery, now that the frame is enclosed:

I've got only part of one wall to finish now. Its going to be dark in the cabin soon, and since I won't be adding the exterior framing and windows until next year, I'll need a battery-powered light to do any interior work.

Here are a couple shots before I enclosed that Eastern wall and immerse the space into darkness:

Progress is slow, but steady. I won't be able to get my trailer up to the work site anymore. The ground is too muddy. Soon, the only way I'll be able to work on this is to hike up with tools in a backpack. :-)


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