Saturday, September 22, 2007

I've been making some good progress on the roof today.

I actually finished almost all of the roof frame and even got some insulation and plywood up today! I would have gotten farther, but both of my drill batteries died. I've been using screws in many places...I've found that it helps to use 9x3 outdoor wood screws to make tight joints with blocking on warped 2x6 rafters, for example. I think tommorrow I will bring out the generator just in case.

I made a miscalculation on the gable overhang distance on the East side of the cabin, so my plywood sheathing isn't lining up well with the rafter spacing. I'm going to have to do some custom plywood cutting on the gable ends of the roof to get everything lined up. Its stuff like this that makes things go slower than I'd like. I'd like to get at least all the insulation and plywood up tomorrow, and hopefully the felt and the metal roof on top of that.
Once I get the initial piece of plywood cut and lined up, I think sheathing the roof will go fast.


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