Monday, September 10, 2007

The roof is going on. Its a slow process, but my friend Jason graciously volunteered to give me a hand this weekend. That was great, because the roof is far further along as a result.

The first order of business was to finish aspects of the ceiling which would be hard or impossible to do once the roof was up. That ended up taking all of Saturday afternoon, but the ceiling looks absolutely fantastic now. No gaps whatsoever in the tongue and groove pine ceiling.

For this work, I bought a rock climbing harness, a belay device, and some climbing rope from Hyperspud in Moscow. Jason is a rock climber, so he brought his gear as well. Being clipped into the rope and harness made this work relatively safe.

Next came the vapor barrier, which I used black 6mil polyethylene that came in a 12x100 sheet. Jason climbed to the peak of the roof and we stapled the polyethylene sheet into place, overlapping some at the peak.

Next came the rafters. We pre-assembled the 2x6 rafter pairs on the ground and hoisted them up via rope. But we did this only after crafting a moveable work platform/roof ladder (Jason's excellent idea).

The rafter overhangs the top plate by about 3 1/2 feet.

The next steps will be to add 2x6 ventilated blocking pieces between the rafter pairs and then add the cantilevered supports to allow for the 2' gable overhang. There is probably at least a full day of roof framing work involved before I can start laying out insulation and plywood sheathing on the top. Then comes the metal roofing above that. This roof is taking about 5 times longer than I expected, but I want to get it mostly right...and its going to look great when its done!



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Strange, the pictures are flipped. How disorienting. =)


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