Sunday, September 02, 2007

The ceiling is essentially in. I think it turned out wonderfully!

I used 1x6 tongue & groove pine with an interior finish of water-based poly urethane. The light colored pine against the red oiled fir rafters and purlins is exquisite. The dark oiled tamarack looks great too.

I used Land Ark oil for the timbers. It is a mixture of Linseed oil, tung oil, beeswax, pine rosin, and citrus extract. It smells like oranges! It really brings out the color and grain in the wood, especially the darker woods.

The ridge seam is imperfect, but that is by design. I'm going to put a dark 2x2 moulding piece across the ridge.

The picture below doesn't do the sight justice, but when the sun starts to set, the rich colors on the ceiling are amazing. I need to make sure my western wall has big windows!

A view from the outside. The tarps are to keep the sun out as much as possible until I can the cabin enclosed. Looks pretty ghetto right now from the outside. :-)


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