Saturday, June 09, 2007

Okay, fast-forward to the end of the first week in June and I've got a lot more done. I've finished all three of the bents, both top plates, and most of the girts and I've started in on the rafters!

I'd be further along, except I screwed up the layout of the brace mortises. Unfortunately, I noticed this only after cutting nearly all of the brace mortises and 11 of the 14 braces!!! (you can see the beautiful finished but too-short braces up on the shelf in the picture) GRRR.

So I need to cut another 14 braces from scratch. Which is, like, a lot of work.

Below, you can see the posts, beams, girts, and even a couple of the loft floor joists.

My daughters have been tremendous helpers. Here you can see me teaching Annie to cut a mortise on a top plate while Linnea does some layout.


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