Monday, April 07, 2008

Obviously, I will need some way to get to the loft in the cabin. Since this cabin is so small, any kind of stairs or ladder or whatever will take up quite a bit of space. As such, the stairs/ladder should be as beautiful as the frame and keep with the timber frame aesthetic as much as possible.

I've been thinking for awhile about this, and I ran across a Missouri lakeside cabin in Timber Homes Illustrated (June 2007). The frame was built by Woodhenge Timberframes. This cabin has a loft area and a set of custom-made stairs where the treads were constructed from hickory with carved joinery and fastened with walnut wedges. Just amazing.

And ladder will be made of 2x12 Douglas Fir or Pine stringers, 1.5" thick Tamarack treads, and Black Locust wedges. The treads will be housed at least 1/4" into the stringers, and a diminished through-tenon will extend at least 1.25" past the outside face of the stringers. The locut wedges will be 1.5" wide, 3/4" thick and will secure the treads to the stringers.

At the top, the left stringer will attach directly to the bent 2 post, probably with countersunk lag bolts covered by an oak plug. The right top stringer will attach to the railing post (not pictured).

Imagine what this will look like when its done and with a fresh coat of penetrating oil!

I'd like to build this entirely from rough-cut lumber that I harvested. I may be able to do this if I use pine instead of fir for the stringers, as my sawyer cut me some very nice large pine planks. Yet to be decided.

Stay tuned.


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