Friday, March 14, 2008

The door is finally finished!

I applied two coats of Landark interior finishing oil onto the inside surface of the door. I really laid it on thick and let it soak in. I ordered some Landark exterior oil which contains a mildewicide and UV protection foo. I'll apply that to the exterior surface ASAP.

I'll probably apply a couple more treatments of oil before I eventually hang the door.

Just let it sit and soak in for an hour or two and then wipe off excess! Simple.

I like the look of the oak plugs. Below is a picture of where the fir brace is let into the tamarack ledge. The oak pugs show up dark, especially with oil.

The oil just brings out the natural wood color and grain in a dramatic way. I love the stuff. And, it smells like oranges!

I also just ordered another matching strap brace from Horton-Brasses.

The door is heavy, and I can barely maneuver it around by myself. Having a third hinge will help distribute weight and keep the door from sagging. The pintles will be screwed into an Engelmann Spruce door post, which is a very soft and easily deformed wood. Adding a third brace will relieve weight strain on that post as well.

I've got to pick out a handle, latch, and locking mechanism for the door.


Then, its on to restoring some old windows...


At 3:33 AM, Blogger Shellmo said...

The door is beautiful! Nice project!


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