Thursday, September 07, 2006

I have started collecting the tools that I will need for timber framing. I am now the proud owner of the following:
  • Framing Chisels - 2" and 1" Barr chisels and a 1" corner chisel.
  • Framing Slick - A heavy slick with a 2.5" blade.
  • Sawmill - A 24" Granberg Alaskan III portable chainsaw mill jig.
  • Boring Machine - An "Ajax" brand antique boring machine with 2" and 1" bits (shown below).

There are some obvious things that I am missing before I can really get started. The first are sharpening and honing stones for my chisels. I am not sure yet what to get there.

I also need a mallet, and I am trying to determine what, exactly, I need. I suspect that I will go with a couple wooden Barr framing mallets. But, perhaps a plastic dead-blow mallet from the local hardware store will work, too. Yet to be determined.


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